JOBS Act - Regulatory Change

Are you concerned about how the implementation of rules under the JOBS Act may impact your firm? Regulatory Compliance provides consulting on the following areas: 

  • Benefits and pitfalls of using general solicitation in marketing Reg. D offerings
  • Requirements for accredited investors
  • “Bad actor” disqualification from Reg. D offerings or disclosure requirements
  • Proposed rulemaking and how that may change the game further

Regulatory Compliance is also prepared to review or update your procedures to include requirements under the new general solicitation rules including: 

  • Verification of accredited status
  • Review of marketing materials
  • Recordkeeping
  • Develop tools to assist in screening for bad actors
  • Testing your new procedures to verify they are working

Download our checklist to learn about the procedures you will need in place for the new rule filings. 

Link to our webinar discussing the change related to General Solicitation and Bad Actors. 

To learn more about any of our JOBS Act or general solicitation consulting or for more information on our services call (888) 734-2667.